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Meet Chris, Maintenance

Meet Chris: Keeping Whitehall City Schools Running Smoothly

Chris has been a steadfast presence in the maintenance department at Whitehall City Schools for over 16 years, contributing to a nearly four-decade career. A resident of Whitehall himself, Chris enjoys working in the community he calls home. 

Chris’s job is “never the same thing every day.” On a given day, he does everything from urgent repair requests to routine maintenance to plumbing and electrical work. His ability to adapt and respond swiftly makes him indispensable to the school district.

Beyond his maintenance duties, Chris is willing to help where needed, occasionally stepping into the role of a bus aide. This allows him to connect with students, offering advice and watching them grow over the years—a rewarding aspect that adds depth to his work life.

Chris also serves as the president of his union, the Ohio Association of Public School Employees (OAPSE). His commitment to his fellow workers and the school environment is evident in his advocacy and dedication to ensuring a safe and functional learning environment.

According to Chris, the best part of his job is "being able to keep the buildings going." This isn't just about maintenance—it's about creating a stable and welcoming space where students can learn and thrive. "In return, the students are able to come to school and learn," he states, highlighting the fundamental link between his work and the educational mission of Whitehall City Schools.

Chris's story is a compelling example of how a maintenance role can be much more than just a job—it's a chance to make a tangible impact on the community and the lives of young people. His career at Whitehall City Schools showcases the satisfaction of working within a supportive community and being part of a bigger picture that fosters educational success.

For those inspired by Chris’s story, Whitehall City Schools offers a unique opportunity to develop a career in maintenance and play a crucial role in students' educational journeys. Join Chris and his team in ensuring our schools are not just buildings but places of learning and growth.

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