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Curriculum Department

The Curriculum Department provides leadership to educational programs and professional learning for teachers and administrators. We provide leadership for curriculum; assessment; instructional practices; teacher, school, and district performance; continuous improvement; career-technical education; federal grants; the Ohio Improvement Process; STEM programming; and professional development.

As we strive to personalize learning for every student, our staff members oversee intervention and enrichment services including summer academic intervention, credit recovery and new credit, response to intervention programs, College Credit Plus, advanced placement, gifted education, and services for English Learners.

We recognize the need to prepare students for a changing, competitive, global workplace and are providing opportunities that reach beyond the boundaries of our schools through STEM programming, partnerships with business and industry, college coursework, and service learning.

Learning in Whitehall

Learning in Whitehall City Schools is formulated from four major components: Ohio's Learning Standards, Model Curricula, Assessments (both State and Local), and Educational Resources.  Below you find information on these four major components that are used in our classrooms to create the lessons, activities, projects, assessments, etc for our students.

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Mr. Brian Seymour
Assistant Superintendent of Academics and Innovation

Mr. Chris Hardy
Director of Accountability and Instruction

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