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Whitehall-Yearling High School

Welcome to Whitehall-Yearling HS

Parent Parking Update: 2022/2023
To ensure a safe and speedy drop-off and pick-up of our students at WYHS the following procedure is as follows.

Drop off:
When you pull up to the front of the school, pull up far enough that a line doesn't spill out blocking the entrance drive. When you pull up along the sidewalk in front of the school, your child can get out at any point along the way. You do not need to wait in line at the front doors of the school to allow your child to exit your vehicle. Avoid making two lanes in front of the school during the drop-off period. Having two lanes creates a safety concern when students are getting out of the car and walking into the path of the lane on the right/closest to the school. When you drop off please look for any pedestrians in your path first,  then pull away. Please do not sit and idle in front of the school as it creates a traffic and safety issue. If you need to enter the school, please use a designated parking space. Do not leave your vehicle unattended in front of the school.  

Pick up:
Please do not park along the painted fire lane in front of the school. This lane must stay open for safety vehicles and buses at all times.  You can make a lane to the left of the fire lane, however, you are to stay inside your vehicle, please do not exit your vehicle.  Also, please do not block the marked pedestrian walkway in front of the school, the marked pedestrian walkway along the entrance drive, or the entrance off of Yearling Rd.  If you pull onto the school lot and the front lane is full you must pull forward beyond the front building line of the school as if you are driving to the rear of the building. You are not to pull to the left or the right and stop at the entrance of the school, this must remain open at all times. There must be an access lane around the entire perimeter of the school at all times.

Remember to always watch for students in and around the school on foot as you are operating a vehicle.

Following these procedures can increase the safety of our students and efficiently move vehicle traffic in and out of our lot.  

For questions, please contact Officer Showalter (614-579-9313) of the Whitehall Police.

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Whitehall-Yearling High School 
675 S.Yearling Rd.
Whitehall, Ohio 43213

Main Office: 614.417.5100
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Attendance Office: 614.417.5146
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Dr. Maria Boyarko, Principal
Ms. LaNisha Burnett, Assistant Principal
Mr. Sean Langan, Assistant Principal

School Hours

Students report - 8:30 AM
Students dismissed - 3:20 PM

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