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Credits and Assessments

Graduating in 2018 and beyond

In a continually changing global economy, colleges and businesses expect more knowledge and skills from Ohio graduates. To match these high expectations, Whitehall-Yearling High School is making sure that your son or daughter leaves high school ready to succeed.

Ohio’s graduation requirements for the classes of 2018 and beyond offer several ways to earn a high school diploma in Ohio. The class of 2018 are those students who entered ninth grade in the 2014-2015 school year.

There are two components of graduation requirements: credits and assessments.

The credit component requires all students to successfully complete a minimum of 20 high school credits. Additionally, your son or daughter must receive instruction in two areas – fine arts and economics and financial literacy. These credit requirements have not changed.

The assessment component provides your son or daughter three ways to be eligible for a high school diploma. He or she must minimally meet one of the three options to earn an Ohio diploma.

• Earn a cumulative score of 18 points, using seven end-of-course state tests over four years of high school, or

• Earn 12 points by attaining an industry-recognized credential or group of credentials in a single career field and a workforce readiness score on WorkKeys, a nationally recognized job skills assessment, or

• Earn scores in English language arts and mathematics on a national college admissions test or tests that indicate the student can do college-level work without needing to take remedial classes.

The assessment component provides more flexibility than in previous years to reach graduation. Your family can find more information about graduation requirements by meeting with our school counselor/s and at; enter Graduation Requirements in the search box.

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