Gifted Services

Gifted Services

Welcome to Gifted Services at Whitehall City Schools. We are very happy to have the services for this unique group and even happier that we are growing. We want to support the parents, teachers, counselors, psychologists, and administrators in their efforts to make this plan a reality.

In Ohio, gifted services are not mandated. The only thing that is mandated is identification and letting parent know of this designation.

We have an elementary gifted program for identified students in grades 4-5. We have services at middle school for identified students in grades 6-8. We have Advanced Placement, Honors, and concurrent college enrollment for identified high school students. We have Written Education Plans for all identified students who are participating in a gifted service. In Whitehall City Schools, we not only identify and notify, but we serve!

All of our Whitehall students are precious to us. Being gifted does not mean better – it means that these students need a different approach with instruction and support for their social and emotional needs. It is very much like special education. In fact, there are many gifted students who are also identified as special education students; they are twice-exceptional.

This year, we are adding identification of creative thinkers and also those gifted in visual and performing arts…art, music, dance, drama. Classroom teachers and special area teachers have the opportunity to take an Ashland University one hour credit class to learn about these students and also to actively participate in identifying in these areas.

We hope visitors to this page find what they need to further their understanding of this population and what Whitehall City Schools educators are doing to meet their needs.

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Chris Hardy
Director of Accountability and Instruction 
Colette Smith
Gifted Consultant
Educational Services Center of Central Ohio
Donovan Cox
Elementary Gifted Intervention Specialist
Etna Road Elementary
Amy Back
Gifted Intervention Specialist
Rosemore Middle School
Katie Quincel
Curriculum Secretary
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