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Gifted Services

Gifted Services

Welcome to the Whitehall City Schools Gifted Services webpage. We are happy to share that our school district serves gifted-identified students in grades 2-12 who have a gifted identification in superior cognitive and/or specific academic ability. In Ohio, gifted services are not mandated. Public school districts are required to identify students as gifted in mathematics, reading, superior cognitive ability, and creative thinking. Public school districts are not mandated to provide gifted services, but Whitehall City Schools does provide gifted education services to qualifying students. Students who participate in district-led gifted service are supported through a Written Education Plan (WEP) that is shared with parents/guardians twice a year.

Overview of Whitehall Gifted Services

Whitehall City Schools Gifted Services

Service Setting

Grade Level

Criteria for Gifted Service with WEP or WAP

Gifted Service Provider

Resource Room

Resource room with push-in or pull-out

Grades 4-5

Superior Cog or Specific Academic gifted ID

Katharine Davis Etna Road Elementary School GIS

Honors/Accelerated Courses

 Honors or Accelerated classes

Grades 6-12

Superior Cog or Specific Academic gifted ID

Amy Back Rosemore Middle School GIS

Honors or Accelerated course teachers

College Credit Plus

Career Prep

Educational Options - CCP or Eastland Fairfield Career & Technical Center

Grades 7-12

Superior Cog or Specific Academic gifted ID

College instructors or High School teachers

Choir, Band, Arts Classes

Regular arts classes

Grades 5-12

Visual and performing arts gifted ID or Creative Thinking gifted ID

Trained Arts teachers

Gifted-identified students who do not participate in any of the above direct gifted service options will be supported through differentiated instruction provided within the regular classroom setting with support from the Gifted Intervention Specialist and Gifted Services Coordinator.

Contact Us

Brian Seymour
Assistant Superintendent of Academics and Innovation

Chris Hardy
Director of Accountability and Instruction 

Marge Mulcahy
Gifted Services Coordinator
Educational Services Center of Central Ohio
Katharine Davis
Elementary Gifted Intervention Specialist
Etna Road Elementary
Amy Back
Middle School Gifted ELA and Math Teacher
Rosemore Middle School
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