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Meet Angela, School Bus Aide

Meet Angela: Driving Change as a Whitehall City Schools Bus Aide

Angela, a dedicated bus aide with Whitehall City Schools, is not only an important part of the transportation team but also a cornerstone of the community she grew up in. With a decade of service, Angela's journey with WCS began after staying at home to raise her six children. 

Starting her day bright and early at 6:15 AM, Angela embarks on her first route to the Briarpatch Ranch for Kids, ensuring each student is safely picked up. Her day continues as she assists with routes to The New Story School and then tackles a particularly impactful route — the homeless route. This route is a lifeline for students whose families have become unhoused, allowing them to continue their education in Whitehall Schools. Angela recognizes the importance of stability for these students, noting, "It's nice for them to have one thing the same when everything else in their lives has changed."

Angela maintains strong relationships with the families on her route, often sending texts if the bus is running late to ease parents' worries. Her personal connection to her role deepened when she saw the difference a caring bus aide made for her grandson with special needs. This experience inspired her to work as a bus aide on a special needs route.

Each day brings new challenges and experiences, which Angela embraces. "No day is ever the same. It keeps me going," she shares. Angela sees herself as a "bus mom," understanding the needs of the students she transports.

Angela's story highlights the vital role bus aides play in the safety and well-being of students. Her commitment illustrates the impact that dedicated support staff can have on a school community. For those considering a career in school district support roles, Angela's experience is a testament to the difference one person can make. Working as a bus aide isn’t just a job; it's an opportunity to be a steadying force in the lives of children, offering them safety, stability, and support when they need it most.

Join Angela in making a meaningful impact at Whitehall City Schools. Become part of a team where every day you can help shape a child's experience for the better, just like Angela does, one bus ride at a time.

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