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Dress Code

Student Dress Code

Part of the educational process for students is learning to dress appropriately and behave responsibly in a variety of situations. Students are expected to dress in a manner appropriate to the school environment and which does not cause disruption to the academic process. Research has shown a correlation between appearance and behavior, especially in the school setting.
The Whitehall City School District requires standard dress for students in grades 6-12 in order to:

1. Improve relations by decreasing conflicts over clothing between students, staff and parents.

2. Promote a serious atmosphere for learning.

3. Promote campus safety and security. 4. Promote a sense of school spirit and community.

These regulations will assist parents, students, faculty and administrators in determining appropriate student standards for dress while at school or school sponsored activities.

1. Students are responsible to dress according to the approved dress code.

2. Parents/guardians are also responsible for ensuring students are dressed appropriately for school.

3. Administration and faculty, together, are responsible for enforcement of the dress code. The dress code is enforced at school and school functions not open to the public. The decision of the principal is final with regard to dress code violations.

4. When dress or grooming interferes with the cleanliness, health, welfare or safety of students, or when dress or grooming disrupts the educational process by being distracting, indecent, or inappropriate, it is prohibited. Clothing must be worn as designed and appropriately sized.

5. Sponsors and teachers of elective programs (such as vocational classes) or elective activities (such as sports and music) may require more strict standards regarding dress and appearance for participants in their program or activity.

6. As new trends in fashion or dress emerge or become out of date, the District reviews and revises the dress code to reflect the standards of the community.
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