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About Us

About Us

Embedded Image for: About Us (2015727123953565_image.jpg) At Rosemore Middle School we are about supporting the vision, mission, and academic goals of our district! This is how we are sustaining a culture that dreams and achieves BIG!

The Whitehall City Schools community guides and inspires all students to dream, grow and succeed.

To create success through personalized learning for every student, every day.

Academic Goal
Whole student growth and academic success will increase through innovative, rigorous and relevant learning experiences offered in personalized and productive environments.
  • 1.1 Meet the needs of the individual student through personalized learning environments, best practice instructional strategies and goal setting.
  • 1.2 Create and sustain a safe and productive learning environment that promotes responsibility, accountability and respect.
  • 1.3 Increase critical thinking through the implementation of innovative student learning, professional development, and incorporation of technology.
  • 1.4 Design and implement a well-aligned rigorous curriculum to stretch all students and staff to their fullest potential.
  • 1.5 Prepare students to be college and/or career ready by creating rich, relevant and diverse learning opportunities.
To support our ability to dream and achieve BIG we follow the RAMS Way:
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Education is a lifelong journey. Let us enjoy the walk!

Contact Us

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Rosemore Middle School 
4800 Langley Avenue
Whitehall, Ohio 43213
Main Office: 614.417.5200
Main Office Fax: 614.417.5212 
Attendance Office: 614.417.5205
Athletic Office: 614.417.5220

School Hours

Students report - 7:45 AM
Students dismissed - 2:35 PM
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