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WCS Updates Dress Code Policy
On July 21st, Whitehall City Schools updated its Dress Code policy for the Middle School and High School.

Dress Code Rationale
Our dress code goals are to:
  • Have students dressed for success and work.  A uniform dress code suggests a certain level of formality during the school day.  It is a visual reminder that encourages appropriate behavior and reminds students they are in a place of learning with high academic and behavioral expectations. 
  • Prepare students for the future.  Uniform dress codes align with real-world work expectations.  In almost every work setting there are required uniforms and dress expectations.  Practice makes perfect.
  • Increase safety.  Uniform dress codes add a measure of safety by allowing staff to easily identify outsiders in our building or on property. 
  • Build a sense of belonging.  Uniform dress codes lessen dress-related stigmas, bullying, and peer pressure and build students' sense of belonging. 
  • Ease school-related financial burdens for families.  Uniform dress codes are typically easier and more economical for parents.  Uniform wear can typically be recycled more frequently than other student dress choices.  Students often put pressure on parents to buy new clothes and shoes every season to keep up with often expensive and ever-changing trends.  This pressure is often lessened with uniforms and uniforms are often more robust and designed to last longer.
  • Ensure the district is well represented to the greater community.  Students will always be dressed to impress, allowing the district to maintain a positive image of the Whitehall students.  Throughout the school year, we will have learning field trips, visitors, college and career fairs, etc. and we want our students to be dressed to represent the school and the community in a positive light at all times.

A few of the notable changes...
  • WCS Spirit Wear is permitted at BOTH the High School and Middle School.  Spirit Wear hoodies may be worn at the HS with the hoods down in the buildings.  Middle School is unchanged with Spirit Wear worn over a collared shirt.
  • No athletic pants or sweatpants (other than Spirit Wear) may be worn
  • No Biker or Athletic shorts may be worn
  • Shirts (other than Spirit Wear) must have a collar
  • Crocs and Sandals must be worn with a heel strap in place for safety purposes

To see the full board policy, click here... 

The Charity Newsies online application for brand new school clothes is now live! Visit, read the information, and have the necessary information ready so that you can complete the clothing application. Your clothing package for each child will include a coat, hat, gloves, three pairs of pants and shirts that are dress code compliant, and six pairs of socks and underwear.  
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