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Enhancing Safety: Whitehall City Schools' New Security Updates

Expanded Camera Coverage

We have installed a comprehensive network of new security cameras throughout our schools and facilities. Here's a breakdown of the new installations:

  • Whitehall-Yearling High School: 127 new cameras

  • Rosemore Middle School: 94 new cameras

  • Beechwood Elementary: 45 new cameras

  • Etna Road Elementary: 51 new cameras

  • Kae Avenue Elementary: 47 new cameras

  • C. Ray Williams Early Childhood Center: 41 new cameras

Additionally, our other facilities are also being equipped with enhanced security measures:

  • Admin Building: 7 new cameras

  • Football Field: 4 new cameras

  • Field House: 4 new cameras

  • Bus Garage: 3 new cameras

Improved Door Access

We are also upgrading our door access systems to enhance the security of our buildings. This includes:

  • Card Swipes: Installed at all entry doors to control access.

  • Intercom Systems: Connecting the front office to visitors outside, allowing staff to communicate with and verify visitors before granting entry.

  • Remote Door Controls: Enabling office staff to unlock doors for visitors securely.

Visitor Management System

To further ensure the safety of everyone on our premises, we have installed (or are in the process of installing) a state-of-the-art visitor management system. This system will:

  • Background Scanning: Conduct background checks on all guests entering our buildings, ensuring an added layer of security.

These updates are part of our ongoing efforts to maintain a secure and welcoming environment for our school community. These enhancements will improve safety and provide peace of mind for families, staff, and students alike.

We appreciate your support and cooperation as we implement these vital security measures. If you have any questions or concerns about our new security systems, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together, we can ensure a safe and secure learning environment for everyone.