Superintendent's Message

A new year often brings with it a renewed sense of optimism. As I sit here typing this message, a smile is on my face as I think about things to come and the direction our school district is heading. I want the message of “expect more” to resonate with our young people. I would never promote this idea if I didn’t think our students could meet the challenge. However, after watching the students make the transition back to school after a long break, ready to work hard and learn, I know they will meet the challenge with vigor. We should all expect more. More from one another and more importantly from ourselves. This is how progress is made and success is achieved.

Expect more from Whitehall City Schools in 2017.

Student Achievement - Student achievement and progress is our #1 focus at Whitehall City Schools. Simply put, we’re in the business of helping our young people grow into responsible, caring, and contributing adults. Learning doesn’t only come from books. It also comes from experiences, relationships, and guidance. Our students are taking advantage of everything we have to offer and showing us new levels of success beyond our expectations. I’m so very proud of all of them and can’t wait to see what they do next.

District Image - I know that there is an incredible amount of pride in this community. We all have a strong belief that Whitehall has something very special to offer Central Ohio, our state, our country, our world, and that belief starts with our children. I believe Whitehall City Schools is an exceptional place for the children of our community to learn and grow. We have devoted teachers, top-notch administrators, selfless volunteers, and caring parents. We all work together toward that common goal which is to see our children succeed. This is what brought me back to Whitehall and is something that I still hold dear.

Communications - One of the ways to improve our school district’s potential is to strengthen the ways in which we communicate with our community. Being present to address concerns of both parents and community members is vital to the transparency and success of our district. One of our goals is to produce effective and efficient means of communication that will be essential in promoting our district as a leader in both student achievement and continued progress.

As most of you have heard or read about, there is a dramatic enrollment increase on the horizon with a deficient amount of space to provide those future students. Through our Future Focus community meeting series we came up with a potential solution that will not only address our impending enrollment increase but will also address early literacy in a new way that we have never attempted. We will introduce a new concept for Whitehall City Schools for the 2017-2018 school year by turning C. Ray Williams ECC and Kae Avenue Elementary into an early literacy campus. Students in Pre-K through 1st grade would be given a literacy-rich educational experience at this campus that will enhance our ability to provide personalized learning for every student. The neighborhood schools of Etna Road and Beechwood Elementary will then become 2nd-5th grade buildings. More information and communication is forthcoming on this exciting new concept coming next year. You can view the entire Future Focus presentation that was given to our Board of Education in November of 2016 at

Warmest regards,

Brian D. Hamler

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