Superintendent's Message

Greetings Whitehall parents, students, and staff.

I hope all of you are enjoying the start of the summer! This is the perfect time to recharge your batteries after a long school year of hard work and studying. Take some time to relax, reconnect with friends and family, and maybe hit the pool or take in a ballgame.

While I am enjoying the summer already, I’m also looking forward to the fall as we will commence with our new version of Kae Avenue Elementary that will be the home to all of the district’s PreK, kindergartners, and 1st graders. Kae Avenue Elementary will be a campus focused on primary literacy that will promote our young students to become active readers when they enter 2nd grade. Etna Road and Beechwood Elementary will then become 2nd-5th grade schools. To learn more about this new initiative on improving our educational process here at Whitehall City Schools, visit our Primary Literacy Campus page.

I believe Whitehall City Schools can be one of the most successful school district in Ohio. We have students that are ready and eager to learn, a talented staff, and incredibly passionate parents providing that much needed support at home. Everyone is in the car ready to go. Our students’ dreams are the roadmap to get there.

In closing, I encourage you to read to your children every day and literacy is the foundation of which all success is built. Take the time to enjoy your summer. We’ll see you again soon enough for another successful year at Whitehall City Schools.


Brian Hamler

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